"Why I ever got myself into this, I don’t know. I am still questioning my sanity – what’s left of it."

And so, the journey begins...

What is it?

The Septic Circle is a humorous diary-style book, told from the viewpoints of five members of a ‘not-very-psychic’ circle, with each person’s diary helping to build up a humorous (or poignant) picture of events. The book charts the circle members’ first year, taking in haunted appliances, sabotaged book signings, and chaotic ghost-hunting TV shows, among other things.

While, on the surface, it may seem like humour, the core of the book is the growing relationships and dynamics between the characters. Ultimately, it is a book about loneliness, as much as anything else.

It’s a delicious slice of British humour served on a paranormal plate, that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder about the ghost-catching properties of marmalade.

The Blurb

As the only sceptic in Cravenly’s new and not-very-psychic circle, how many haunted toasters, possessed worry dolls, and sabotaged book signings can one man cope with?  Jay Taylor’s patience may already be stretched to breaking point, but the odious presence of ego-ridden psychic star, Fenwick Arcana could just push him over the edge.

Having taken the nervous wreck who started this whole mess, Freddy, under his wing, and with gossip-monger Lysander and irrepressible believer Marnie to cope with, the circle’s most reluctant member is about to have his sanity severely tested.

Gathered together, their diaries chronicle the circle’s first year, as they fight through a minefield of paranormal detritus, smug wizardry, toxic baking, revenge plots, and the filming of disastrously amateur paranormal TV show, Spirit Squad. But through all that, perhaps the greatest battle any of them will face is one another.  And the loneliness.

For anyone who ever wondered if it is possible to catch a ghost using marmalade*.

*it isn’t.

Where To Buy

The Septic Circle is available for Kindle, alongside the traditional and utterly sniffable paperback version, from online retailers, including Amazon, Waterstones, and Barnes & Noble, and can be ordered via high-street retailers.