The Septic Circle Ebook Launches!

Posted by on 23, Dec 2013 in News & Updates | 0 comments

After a long wait, we’re excited to announce the launch of The Septic Circle ebook version, just in time for the holidays!  It will be available from Amazon, initially, before being rolled out to other ebook stockists, such as Barnes & Noble, and, perhaps more importantly, our own e-commerce gateway – great news if you have an aversion to the big chains. Those who love sniffing books as much as we do shouldn’t despair – the print version of The Septic Circle will be launching shortly, and we expect the release date to be early January.  We’ll keep you informed.

The Kindle version can be purchased here for just £4.99 – and for a taste before you buy, click here to read an excerpt. If you’d rather read a preview on your Kindle, then the Amazon product page has the option for you to download a sample. Enjoy! In the meantime, we’ll be putting our feet up and falling asleep over a well-earned cup of tea and a copy of Psychic Monthly.


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