The Septic Circle Easter Kindle Countdown Offer!

Posted by on 17, Apr 2014 in News & Updates | 0 comments

Rather than a chocolate egg containing a jester’s head, we thought we’d offer something even more delicious and amusing this Easter… The Septic Circle is now on offer at Amazon as part of a Kindle Countdown deal. For those folk who have yet to snatch up a copy, now is the perfect time, as the book will only be on offer for a limited time to celebrate the chocolate egg season.

What’s a countdown deal? Well, the price starts out ridiculously low, but the Amazon timer is ticking, and you’ll have a limited time to purchase the book at that price before it bumps up to the next pricing tier, meaning you miss out and will have to pay more. The Kindle countdown deal for The Septic Circle will be running from 17th April until 22nd April, so now is the time to grab it if you haven’t already :) Enjoy!

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