What is it?

The Septic Circle is a humorous diary-style book, told from the viewpoints of five members of a ‘not-very-psychic’ circle, with each person’s diary helping to build up a humorous (or poignant) picture of events. The book charts the circle members’ first year, taking in haunted appliances, sabotaged book signings, and chaotic ghost-hunting TV shows, among other things.

While, on the surface, it may seem like humour, the core of the book is the growing relationships and dynamics between the characters. Ultimately, it is a book about loneliness, as much as anything else.

It’s a delicious slice of British humour served on a paranormal plate, that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder about the ghost-catching properties of marmalade.

So, how did all this start?

The Septic Circle was a whimsical project that sprang to life for the author, Lorna Reid, over eight years ago. Initially, it was simply a set of fun diaries and other bits and bobs, written during one of the many quiet moments she had at work (when she wasn’t taking furtive naps), and put up on a homemade website for her own enjoyment.  What started out as a fleeting hobby, poking fun at the supernatural, paranormal, and spiritual worlds through a handful of characters, soon faded after a few months, and the whole thing lay dormant for a number of years while she focused on other writing.

While casting around for a new writing project at the start of 2013, having stalled with the fourth book in her series, the author decided to go back to the characters who were now beginning to push and shove their way to the front of her mind again, and breathe new life into the whole thing – this time as a fully fleshed-out book.

That book is The Septic Circle. It has been pulled kicking, screaming, and complaining about the weather into the cold light of day, and is now available from Amazon, Waterstones, and Barnes & Noble in print and eBook formats (currently Kindle only).